Welcome to visit our company website, thanks for your concern on Sante development.

As a coal base marketer, our management team keeps the outline of honest business, standard operation and mutual benefit since we were found. Thanks to their accurate business operation and risk management, we are allowed to get rapid and steady development. We are here sincerely appreciated all the support from government, partners, friends and our employees. We will remember your support to beyond our own and be functionally excellent.

The website is designed to be a high efficient communication platform between our corporation and community so as to assist information exchange and promote corporation.

Shandong Sante Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, which is an energy trading enterprise that owns autonomous import-export business qualification and specializes in coal trading. We also establishes offshore company in Hong Kong..

After years of development and accumulation, the marketing system and business mix of company becomes more complete and steady by leading of company management team with specialization, profession and global vision. The business structure has formed in which steam coal plays as the key segment, coking coal and PCI coal play as auxiliary segments.

Since Sante was founded, it follows the principle of honest management, with focus on abiding by contracts and keeping promises. A customer network which is covering whole China had formed rapidly. Sante has successfully accumulating numerous customers from all over of world, staying and growing with them. Now, based on the rapid growth of domestic and foreign markets, Sante focusing on global coal trading and looking forward to establishing long-term steady strategic partnership with more domestic and foreign customers to achieve mutual benefit and seek common progress.

Enterprise vision: dedicated to do first-class enterprise
Business philosophy: integrity management, standardized operation, harmony and win-win
Employing the concept: people-oriented, have both ability and political integrity, pay attention to the actual

Soccer match

Our youth is full of vigor and passion. A special soccer match was held to enliven the company atmosphere, it also shows our company’s energy and vitality. All staffs involved in . everyone was fighting, and never gave up. All of this shows the good spirit of Shandong Sante Energy Co.,ltd

Through this activity, exercise have been done and chances have been increased for interaction among colleagues, thus deeper emotions have been formed. Everyone relieves from their tension work and tiresome mindsets get some comfort. They not only can devote their intelligence in the field into their work and life, but also emerge this kind of unconquerable and active spirit into our enterprise and with our effort, one and more peaks can be conquered.

  • Thermal coal is our main business segment. Sante energy import steam coal originally from Indonesia, Australia, Russia and we have been kept long term steady partnership with major miners and traders. Sante energy also runs domestic steam coal and corporate with large miners such Shenhua Group. Products include 3800NAR, 4700NAR, 5500NAR and 6500NAR. Our clients cover east and south of China. Sante energy serve maturate international procurement and domestic sales network, as well as long-term cooperation with major ports and domestic power plants....>>MORE

  • Coking coal business is our auxiliary segment. Sante energy focuses on import coking coal from Australia and Canada. A well-performed business corporation with major miners and a long-term corporation with end users are solidly established and keep growing....>>MORE

  • Our iron ore division aims to supply various mainstream and non mainstream iron ore resource with quality and stability. A well-performed business corporation with major miners and a long-term corporation with end users are solidly established and keep growing....>>MORE

1、 in a fair heart candidate, to moral science and others.
2、 would rather small timber, not put fine timber to petty use.
  • Foreign trade business manager


Shandong Sante Energy Co., Ltd.
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